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sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Expo Shangai 2010 - Pavilhão da Sérvia Revisitado

A pedido de uma editora chinesa que selecionou 100 propostas de pavilhões para a elaboração de um livro sobre a Expo-Shangai, acabei por revisitar um velho amigo, uma proposta para o Pavilhão da Sérvia, elaborado pela equipe composta pelo professor Nikola Arsenic, seu sócio Ueslei Bonin, o programador Hugo Rezende e eu.

Diante de tão nobre convite achei melhor refazer as imagens do zero. Já havia passado 1 ano e meio desde o concurso, e as antigas imagens foram feitas em uma época que eu não dominava nada de vray.

Sendo assim, para que os desenhos ficassem mais intuitivos e atraentes, reestruturei a apresentação tanto no sentido de didática quanto no de estética, trabalho que apresento para vocês agora. Espero que gostem!

Ah, e não preciso dizer, cliquem nas imagens para aumentá-las, estão em uma boa resolução!

Sobre o livro, de acordo com o editor Yin Qian, está previsto o lançamento de uma edição bilingue (inglês/chinês) ainda para esse ano, dia 12 de outubro, na Bienal Internacional do Livro de Frankfurt. O editor também me prometeu uma edição de brinde, quando chegar mostro as fotos para vocês!

Espero que gostem das novas imagens, segue também o texto/memorial em inglês enviado à editora, para quem se interessar



Perspectiva elevada

Perspectiva externa

Perspectiva Interna

Planta Baixa - Pavimento 1

Planta Baixa - Pavimento 2







Preliminary conceptual project for the competition for the Exhibit Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia at the World Exhibition Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China

The Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia has been planned to be an open, interactive space of the exhibiting character and with free access.

With its specific form treatment and materialization, with its relation between the transparent base and the massive block above, it creates tension which provokes curiosity and interest in revealing its contents and getting to know them. The dark monolithic block with its irregular rims paneled with “granitex” plaques suggests the steadiness and solidity of the genuine forms of the basic material, older than any of today’s political concepts or of those in the past, not ever losing its essence.

“Floating” above the basic level on which people move it gives access from all sides and for all. It is erected above the transparent staircases with glass stairs which symbolically and instinctively suggest an invitation to go upstairs to the “upper” interactive level of the exhibiting character. There, when the visitor starts walking, the electronic signal activates video information which is instantly projected from the plaques in the central, internal part of the monolith as of the most intimate part, the heart of our “Balkan rock”, under a corresponding angle in relation with the place in which the visitor is. While walking he chooses unmarked areas and intuitively gets acquainted with our natural and cultural wealth, our technical potentials, our history, outstanding individuals… as well as our hopes and expectations, our modern views and the future we long for. All this is basically linked with cities and countries which represent the scenes of our contemporary life.

This technical and aesthetic solution makes it possible to activate pure colours and sounds in the period of the “happy-hour” thus enhancing the universal scenario with the possibility to create a picture and a sound, which will, we firmly believe, contribute to the attractiveness and charm of the Pavilion.

The successive change of pictures, which is a powerful and universal form of communication, makes the visitors wish to stay longer in that central, lifted part of the Pavilion so promoting it into a modern agora. With this high level of interaction the Serbian Pavilion communicates the idea that we are a modern country, but also a territory with very defined identity, orientated towards a dialogue and whose functionality, tone and colour of the content greatly depend on the presence of people, those that belong to any culture or, colour, with different political views and attitudes. One just has to take a step and the presentation starts and so does a dialogue.

The level of the ground floor can be seen from far away but the access to it is suggested only when the use of the stairs going up is initiated. In one part there are a kitchen, sanitary facilities and management premises and VIP parlors for the visitors with specific interests in business and other forms of cooperation in the other. In the central part of the ground floor there are also places to degust our national dishes and beverages.

On both levels there is a special access for the handicapped either through a directly cut-in entrance into the ground floor level or by a platform lift to the interactive exhibit space.

There are two marks of national identity. The first is the word “Srbija” in Serbian, in the low left hand corner of the front façade, “carved into the monolith” and lit by white, interior, indirect light. The second is “Serbian three-colour flag” with a metallic wavy roof in colour for easier orientation, identification and marketing of the Pavilion by means of digital browser and programmes such as Google Earth, for example.

We would very much like to present one possible scenario for the message we want to send to the world: To create a better life, in better cities it is imperative to have a democratic space orientated towards connecting ideas, making new friends and strengthening associations. Serbia wants to be that space. The unison of these entireties of a polyvalent character in this unique space project contributes to the easier understanding of its democratic significance as a universal language of people, cities and nations.

Leading Designers: Nikola Arsenic

Ueslei Bonin

Designers: Henrique Gonçalves

Colleages: Hugo Rezende

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Thiago Beck disse...

Parabéns novamente a todos os envolvidos pelo projeto, e também pelo trabalho gráfico! Que melhora!

Anônimo disse...

faço das palavras do thiaguinho as minhas!

parabens a todos!! :)

marilia costa.

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